Spirit of the Ride

​The Wheezers and Geezers began organically in 2000. Nothing formal was decided, we just started meeting and riding as a group, always inviting any who wanted to join in. There was no club, no rules, no meetings and until a few years ago, no "kit." We just decided to ride together with no grouping, just letting the pack sort itself out as the route began to go uphill. 

Some thoughts regarding the "spirit" of our rides:

  1. We like to begin the ride at a "spin and grin" pace for the first few miles until our old bodies warm up.

  2. Once we get to the climbs gravity will sort out the flat and round bellies.

  3. The alternating three Saturday routes were chosen to provide climbs to those seeking a challenge.

  4. There are shortcuts to allow the rest of us to keep up with the group (at least to avoid total embarrassment).

  5. We usually regroup at the top of the climb (Via Linda and/or Bell Road loop route) or at our coffee break (AJs - Los Gatos route).

  6. The ride back to the start or home is downhill or flat, so if there's a wheel to be followed we will find it; So go for it, flat bellies.