Geezer Speak - The Name Game


Like so many people of advanced age, Geezers occasionally have issues with memory, especially when it comes to remembering names. It is highly unlikely that we will ever learn a rider’s last name. However, we have developed our own name association system to help us remember the first names of our fellow cyclists. 

Your Geezer nickname name can come from a variety of sources.

Chronological order.

  • Since we have a surprising number of riders with the same first name, we’ve taken to referring to some rider as your First name, followed by the chronological order in which they first road with the group. For example: Carlos 1, Carlos 2, Carlos 3.  In the event that Carlos 1 stops riding with the group, the name is simply retired.  A Carlos 3 will never progress to Carlos 2!

Riding speed.

  • We’ve been known to combine the speed at which you ride to your name. For example, the first Lisa to ride with our group was very fast.  She was therefore referred to as “Fast Lisa.” Sadly, this method required that the second Lisa to ride with the group become known as “Slow Lisa” – regardless of the fact that she too was fast.

Bike Manufacturer.

  • At times, your name will be preceded by the kind of bike you ride. “Bianchi Mark” has kept his name even though he hasn’t ridden his Bianchi in years.

Physical Attribute.

  • If you have an obvious physical attribute, it will be incorporated into your name.  “One legged Todd,” our Para-Olympian, inspires us each time he rides. Obviously, the next Todd to join the group will be referred to as “two-legged Todd.”

Level of annoyance.

  • “F_ _ _ ing Dave” comes to mind.

What we thought was your name.

  • If we’ve accidentally called you by a wrong name for an extended period of time, that wrong name will just be added to your correct name.  “Like Bernie Barry.”


  • “Dr. Dave” …. “Dr. Dan” … “Baby Doctor Carlos” …. You can’t have too many doctors on a bike ride!



Geezer Speak - Abbreviations & Other Lingo


  • Flat  Bellies – The lean (and usually younger) riders who tend to push the pace

  • Round Bellies – The majority of us

  • Wind Allergy – A fictional medical condition used by some riders to avoid taking a pull

  • Spin and Grin – A Spin and Grin ride is intended to be ridden at a moderate pace that encourages conversation. In reality, it is a term used to lure unfit or unmotivated riders into joining a group ride where they will inevitably be exhausted and humiliated as the pace increases.

  • RAB – Round-a-bout.  The traffic circle near our starting location

  • DRB – Short for -  Don’t Ride Behind and a code to alert others of an unsafe rider. As in “DRB alert!”

  • STFD – Short for - Slow The F_ _ _ Down! Usually said in a gasping voice from someone in the back of the pack