A Geezer Ride vs. Races

The Difference between a Geezer ride and a race

A group ride has 30+ riders at the start line (circle) and 30+ riders at the finish line (coffee stop).

A race has 30+ riders at the start line and 1 rider at the finish line.

A group ride has regular re-group spots to help keep everyone together.

A race – re-group? Are you crazy?

On a group ride, the riders in the front know the route so they can call-out the turns in advance and keep everyone safe and together.

In a race, you’d better study the course in advance - every man for himself.

On a group ride, we have a wide range of: has beens, wanna be’s, and never was’s

In a race, all riders are of similar: age, sex and body fat percentage.

On a group ride, after a turn or stoplight, riders in the front of the pack give the rest of the riders a few seconds to “form up” the pack again.

In a race, after a turn, riders in the front of the pack sprint in an attempt to put distance between themselves and the rest of the pack.

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