About Us

The Wheezers and Geezers are a mixed group of competitive amateur road cyclists. Riders range in age from their mid-20s to their 70s.  What began informally in 2000 as a way for a few “old guys” to put in some slow training miles and of course, drink coffee, has grown into a large group of: “Has Beens” and “Wannabes.”   Currently, over 250 members receive our group emails (ridewithgps) and visit our Facebook page (Wheezers and Geezers).


While there are no formal ride leaders, the day’s route and start time is decided in advance and posted via a group email, Ridewithgps and Facebook. Most rides begin at the roundabout located at the corner of Invergordon and Northern and cover 30 – 40 miles. Route maps are located on our Ridewithgps page. Riders are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the route in advance.


Our rides routes usually include both a flat and a hill section. Rides start at a warm-up pace and build to speeds of 20+ MPH on the flats. Routes typically include a couple of informal “sprint zones” to keep the “Has Beens” and “Wannabes” happy. Inevitably, the hill climbs provide a reality check for the more mature rider. We “re-group at the top” of most rides before screaming down the hill together.


Coffee & conversation follow each ride.


New riders are always welcome, but should have a fairly high level of fitness and bike handling skills. Riders need to be comfortable riding at 20+ mph while drafting in both pace-lines and large packs. It is also essential to be able to maintain an awareness of road and traffic conditions at all times.

If you're new to the group or potentially a young-buck, you may be interested in checking out our page on Geezer Speak. It'll help you understand when among us "geezers."